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More on timeless Management wisdom

Iyattralaum Ettalum kaththalum Kaththa

Vakuthathalum Valla Tharasu

He is Leader who is able to acquire resources, marshals them appropriately, guards the objectives without deviating from the goal, and distributes the benefits of success to all the stakeholders.

Leadership qualities are acquisition of Sprint team and deployment of resources like team members, tools and technology and ensuring that the backlogs are burnt as per the plan and completing the sprint theme by delivering the completed iteration stakeholders.

Azhivaduum Aavaduum Aghi Vazhipyakkum

Oodhiyamum Soozhndu Seyal

The man of (product) Vision should carefully reflect on cost to be incurred, the return on investment and the long term success that will be achieved by the positioning of the Product into the market, before acting on his research on the chosen product.

Seyathakka alla Seyakedum Seyathakka

Seyyamai Yanum Kedum

The stress here is prevention of defects referred as Don’ts. In the Muda concept of elimination of waste stresses on this too. Preparing FMEA and doing risk planning leads

to higher levels of Quality in the end product / service undertaken. Mandatory procedures and methods like best practices of various standards needs to be done for achieving highest levels of Quality leading to TQM.

Ennit thuniga Karumam Thunidhapin

Ennuvam enbadhu Izhukku

Plan and Do. Having planned, non execution of plans is folly.

Here the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) is referred. Planning after considering cost benefit analysis should be succeeded by action. If the plans are executed then there is a possibility of checking and improving upon the gaps. If the Plans are not followed for fear of failures then there is no progress in the projects

 PorulKaruvi Kaalam Vinaiyidano daindum

irultheera Ennich cheyal

Execute a task after due consideration of the five resources Money, Measuring Device,Time,Methods and Place or stage of execution.

Mudivum Idyayurum Mutriyang geidum

padupayanum Parthuch cheyal

A project is considered for execution after estimating the effort, the risks, and the return on investment to be realized on its completion.


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