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Process Agile and Continually Track – PROACT

As the name implies let us figure out people aspect of Agile in bringing all the stakeholders jointly to be proactive towards process implementation. Let us discuss how people can be Agile in getting the teams to act together for success in projects.


I have on various occasions experienced the need for nurturing Quality by being proactive in approach. Quality and process cannot be a force fit into any organization. Also it is not sufficient to hang out some statements mentioning that Quality is a culture, habit and DNA of organization and not really doing anything about deploying the Quality objectives through realistic measurements.


Dr.W.Edwards Deming has advised in one of his fourteen principles of Quality as:


Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity..”


Such exhortations only create counter effects, as majority of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the system than the workforce. There are better ways for management to encourage Quality levels and productivity.


Develop a PROACT program within the organization consisting of QA team and one Quality facilitator from each project / function.


As Agile is the new mantra for product development these days, try to adapt Agile project management and engineering practices in as much as projects as possible in an agile manner. I would even suggest that Agile is really an attitude and mindset in the first place and then the model. Typically QA people should work with projects right from initiation stage and have the Quality model planned for the project jointly with the team by considering specificities of each project. Instead of coming and doing reviews and audits regularly with a policing attitude, QA can empathize with projects and work out a solution towards meeting projects’ Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQs). This is what I would call being PROACTive.


Projects should also understand that QA brings good amount of experience having worked with many projects and they can bring out the best practices and apply the same to chosen project in an effective manner. This collaborative sprit will ensure project success and a sense of collective achievement.




Steps in implementing PROACT :

1. Do a diagnostic study:

   Projects should understand the customer expectations (Basic

   requirements, Performance requirements and exciting requirements)


2. Define Project Management Plans and Quality Plans as required:

   Projects should set the objectives of Budget, Quality and Schedule  

   and share with QA for the compliance.


3. Review Plans for compliance to Process and improve if necessary:

   QA to sequence the list of activity as per SIPOC model.


4. Projects and QA agree on the model aspects along with Inputs,

   Outputs, and Processes and Quality gates in each step level.


5. Share the model with stakeholders.


6. Work out the delivery stages like sprints or iterations as per the

   Model chosen.


7. Review the model after first sprint jointly with the release:

   Record the findings


8. Act on the findings for improvement:

Modify the model if required to suit practical aspects on implementation without compromising on the compliance to QMS system and Quality of deliverables.

9. Continually track by going to step 1. QA like a scrum master should

   also be a Servant leader – a facilitator rather than an auditor.


10. Celebrate the success of the project



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