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Process Approach – Flow Diagram



Flow Diagram for a Scrum project management


Flow Diagrams are structured sequence of activities depicted using flow symbols. The above diagram is very simplified representation of Flow. This will have input, process and output of each stages along with associated artifacts.

Normally when QMS is documented ISO 9001:2000 organizations represent their Quality procedures using the flow diagrams. Flow diagrams facilitate quick and easy understanding of the process involved in a specific procedure. Since this is sequential in order it is easy to find out metrics by placing suitable Quality gates at the output points of significant steps.

For example in the above diagram, we are trying to fit a Scrum management activity of a sprint execution. We can set quality gates for ensuring that sprint backlogs are always current and tracking of stories daily. Velocities of each sprint teams are calculated. We can also track the defect counts of each sprints and schedule variance if any


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