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SIPOC – Live Current Process

SIPOC – Live Current Process


Some project heads are like live current. They take the path of least resistance. According to Ohm’s law current takes the path of least resistance. Even for these live current people there is a great way to do process implementation


Let us try and ponder over a great concept called SIPOC in implementing process for any project following Agile and the Structured models alike. These are used in many manufacturing companies that are focusing on great Quality initiatives like TQM and Six Sigma.


Whatever be the model, the SIPOC principle Supplier-Input-Process-Out Put-Customer does not change.


Any models be it in software development / services / manufacturing will always be perfectly fitting into SIPOC model. Here the critical aspects like what is the input, which is the process and what is the output with responsibilities of supplier(action agent) and customer (recipient) are very clearly defined. In fact teams that are defining their processes get more clarity about their project sequence if the try to follow SIPOC.


Supplier – Input  Process – Output – Customer


For e.g.,  Supplier – Design engineer

               Input      – Requirement document

               Process   – Design

               Output      Design Document

               Customer – Developer who writes code


If we start plotting the SIPOC for any process it will get into perfect sequence of activities. Then we can try to fit in the measurement system for each step of the sequence. Through this we can define the metrics also. For e.g., what is the acceptance criteria (allowable defects w.r.t each phase so that the next phase can be initiated, effort and time required to complete particular phase that will help us to get variance data and other metrics) .


Another beauty about this method is people are clear about their ownership.


Will try to detail it more soon.




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